Welcome to Gym with Mr. Chairat and Ms. Ping.

Mr. Chairat

Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Chairat has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Kasetsart University. He joined Magic Years 17 years ago.

Mr. Chairat is the school’s multi-talented teacher of gym, soccer, swimming and woodworking.

In his free time, he loves to play many different musical instruments including the guitar, flute and trumpet.


throwing_resize Gym helps children become skillful, knowledgeable and expressive movers. The children learn a variety of fundamental movement skills, such as leaping, balancing, rolling, throwing and catching. Current research shows that movement enhances brain development and that’s why we take great pride in our gym program.

Physical education (PE) offers children the opportunity to explore the capabilities of their bodies and the variety of ways in which they are able to use their bodies to solve problems, tackle appropriate physical challenges, manipulate equipment or apparatus, and express themselves in a range of situations.

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