Welcome to Specials

The word ‘Specials’ in this respect, refers to the activities that are not normally held with the class teacher. The activities offered by Magic Years during the week are: Swimming/Soccer (Football), Clay, Music, Thai Language and Culture, Health and Wellness, Woodwork, and Library.

During ‘Specials’ time, one or more of our team will be responsible for facilitating the class group. Class teachers may come to the activities with the group, or in the case of the Trust and Caring class, the above activities will be taken by the class teacher (in order to foster trust in familiar people and surroundings).

Specials activities are not the only times we are involved with with students, we all like to talk and communicate during the learning that takes place in the playground.

Scroll along the menu bar above to meet the team and read more about their specialist activities in Magic Years. If you would like to communicate with us, please come and see us at school or email us.

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