This year Magicyears’ students, parents and staff gathered excitedly for the annual Sports Day at the new campus on Friday 2 February 2018. What a way to spend a day!

Sports Day allowed children to showcase some of the skills they have learnt in P.E with Mrs. Bee, Mr. Chairat and Mr. Emmanuel such as soccer, basketball and Sprinting. Other events included the dodge ball, tug of war, sack race and some other parlor games prepared. Every class is divided into two teams (yellow and blue). Walking around the field, you could not help but be drawn in by the infectious energy. As each race heat came and went, the excitement grew. Kids stood all around the track cheering for their teams, screaming as the runners went by. With perfect weather conditions, our students didn’t disappoint putting in excellent performances in both the gym and field events. Many of the children commented that ‘this was the most challenging sports day ever’.


This day was made extra special by the fantastic turn out from the parents and the effort and enthusiasm shown by the children. All the children had been allocated a circus show to represent and turned up on the day wearing colours and dance (in collaboration with our Music class), the Art Department providing colorful shirts and most importantly, the students encouraging each other and showing their true sporting attributes, whether winning or losing. Students we’re given certificates at the end of the day in celebration for their efforts in accomplishing the tasks assigned.

With thanks to the staff of Magic Years for their help in organizing the day, the PE staff for pulling together a full programme of events and to all the staff who so willingly assisted throughout the day.


-PSPE Team (Mr. Chairat, Emmanuel and Ms. Bee)


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