Industrial Arts and Agriculture

Industrial Arts & Agriculture

When children engage in woodworking projects, they have the chance to learn how to use the tools, machines, materials for creating their own Projects.The measuring in woodworking can improve both the sense of numbers and space for kids and the construction and design factors of woodworking help to exercise kids’ visual skills. In addition, constructing objects from toys and play with the properties of matter will help kids improve their self-reliance. Furthermore, woodworking is a great chance for kids to bond with their families.

Materials and Tools

Materials that are easy to cut are ideal, especially for younger kids with no previous experience. Some good examples of these are cutting and pounding on fruit, melon, and zucchini. For the older kids, they can use the real tools with adult support then they can do gluing, sanding, hammering, screwing, cutting and drilling.. Tools that are off-limits for kids until they are better trained and experienced are power tools, because of the level of danger associated with handling them.


Safety First

Any time that kids are involved in a woodworking area, added safety is always necessary. Before the kids arrive, the area has to be set up with nice and safe environments. Next, the safety focus should be on the kids themselves. Make sure that any kids will focus on the sequence of using tools, for example, using google and helmet during their cutting the wood, putting shoes on and work on the working table.


We strive to learn about recycling.Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects( reduce, reuse, recycle).We collected wood, glass, metal, cardboard/paper, plastic and rubber for our users.


What is agriculture?

Agriculture and farming are the simplifications of nature (living things and non- living things). The children that participate in the garden will help with the planting, weeding, feeding and be caring for our garden and goat farm. The kids will be able to gain valuable information about agriculture through classroom tools and hands-on gardening.





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