The Orff-Schulwerk Approach

At Magic Years International School we learn about music through the Orff-Schulwerk Approach, a child-centred, developmental approach which encourages children to experience music at their own level of understanding. Imitation, experimentation, and personal expression occur naturally as children become confident, life-long musicians and creative problem solvers.

Children are encouraged to learn and explore in their natural environment, using basic and natural materials and through a child’s world of thought and fantasy, and the concept of play.

The Orff Approach believes that “all concepts are learned by ‘doing’, and therefore it combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are similar to a child’s world of play.

The Orff Approach is used by teachers to encourage their students to enjoy making music as individuals as well as in groups, which supports the IB philosophy of collaboration. Working collaboratively and respectfully are key components of music lessons throughout the whole school at Magic Years.

Orff Music IB Program

Orff Music IB Program

Creativity and improvisation are encouraged to allow children to explore the possibilities in music and movement by combining a variety of music genre from classical, folk and children’s music.

The Orff-Schulwerk Approach also supports the IB program curriculum through promoting multiculturalism and diversity, by embracing a wide range of music, games, stories and dances from many different cultures around the world.

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