Parent E-Book Readings

We are excited to introduce our Audio E-Book library which will be built by you. As part of our reading initiative to encourage reading at home, we will help our parents create audio eBooks of their child’s favorite book.

The eBooks will become a part of our digital library, and will be available on all of our iPads. Children can share their parent’s reading with their friends, and gain confidence by reading along with their parents.

Create Your Audio EBoook

  1. Choose a book: You can pick one of the book titles on the list or bring in your child’s favorite story.
  2. Schedule a time: Pick a day and time that works best for you.
  3. Record your audio: We will assist with recording your E-book.

It’s as easy as that. The recording time will not take long and our digital library will grow to help make reading meaningful to our students.

If you have your own book or if you prefer to record your reading at home, send us the audio file. Most smartphones have a voice recording app that makes for easy recording. If you are using a unique book, please let us borrow it to create the eBook.

If you have any trouble, just find Mr. Rich in the mornings or afternoons on the playground and he will be happy to help with scheduling your reading.

We look forward to sharing your eBook with our young readers and watching their expressions as they hear your voices and read with their friends!

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