Storytelling is Not Reading

These kinds of music stories follow the important elements of teaching music with the Orff-Schulwerk Approach.
During our recent Book Week at Magic Years, in music class, we all enjoyed listening the stories and songs, acting with the role-play, playing the percussion instruments for sound effects to accompany the stories, dancing with the music and also sharing laughs and good time together. This make me realizes that telling a story to children can be so mesmerizing and very different from reading story out loud to a group. Add songs, chants, rhymes, dances, or musical instruments to a storytelling scene and the story experience is even more enriched!


I believe that storytelling has many of the same benefits of using good story based songs. Storytelling can be used to train the ears and eyes to listen and provide the opportunities to interact as both listeners and tellers. In addition, the child would expand the imagination and mental visualization and develop his/her awareness of sensitivity to the thoughts and feelings of listener and teller.

The child passively engages with the story and gradually develops confidence through the role-play of favorite character. Telling stories from other countries also provides opportunities to explore diverse cultures through their folktales which broadens the knowledge base for the child.

  • Orff Music
  • Orff Music
  • Orff Music
  • Orff Music
  • Orff Music

At home, you may try not only read stories out loud together with your child, but you may also help your child express his/her creative and theatrical skills by encouraging him/her to act out his/her favorite stories, offer some props or costumes that can be used to tell the story, or play with different faces to show the feeling of the character in each scene. Of course, you may think about finding some small percussion from your kitchenware to make the sound effects accompanying the story.

Your story will not be the same next time!

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