Thai Language and Culture Blog

Welcome to the Thai Language and Culture Blog.

         This academic year 2017-2018, the Office of the Private Education Commission (OPEC) added Thai History to the Thai Language and Culture  Curriculum.  In order for students at Magic Years to gain a deeper understanding of Thai History we have carefully created a Central Idea that explores Thai Language, Thai Culture and Thai History simultaneously:


‘Learning about Thai Language, Culture and History will help us to appreciate a local and global perspective’


          To support International Mindedness we aim to expose students to additional languages, and provide an insight into other cultures and perspectives. Students can experience Thai Language and Culture through a carefully designed environment showcasing local artifacts, crafts and visuals. With an aim to nurture curiosity students are encouraged to explore and investigate the different centers in the classroom.


To begin our inquiry students have been Tuning in to our Central Idea and exploring some of the unique attributes of Thailand and its Culture:


  • Thai National Anthem
  • Thailand Flag
  • Thai Greeting
  • Thai Custom
  • Thai Culture  
  • Thai Traditional Beliefs


            For our Early Years students we encourage exploration and discovery through our Dramatic play center, Language center, Math center, and Writing center, where students can learn about the Thai alphabet, letter names and sounds and practice writing their name in Thai.

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           Our Primary Years Students also get to explore the different centers as well as having focused time allocated to reading and writing in Thai. Native Thai students develop their reading and writing skills whilst non Thai students develop their listening and speaking skills. Thinking routines such as the 4’Cs, CSI, See-Think-Wonder are often used to encourage reflection and deep level thinking, as well as for