Visual Art Update

With the New Year arrives the new term and also a new theme, how we express ourselves. In the art room we will use our theme from last term, who we are, to guide us as we use visual art to communicate ideas and experiences creatively. Students will consider how they can creatively transform their ideas into art, share their unique views with others, while also reflecting on why they made specific choices in the way that they did to expressive themselves. Students will begin to understand themselves better because the art making process will push them to be risk-takers who are committed to being creative. Before, while, and after the students create a variety of different art works they will reflect on their choices, likes, and dislikes to further develop an understanding of who they are.


To conclude I would like to take some time to reflect on Term 1. I’ll let the images do the talking…

IMG_0354 IMG_0414 IMG_0326 IMG_0407IMG_0413IMG_0381 IMG_0367 IMG_0377 IMG_0322 IMG_0277 IMG_0262 (1)

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