What does an Artist really do?

Brainstorm, collect materials, consider the steps, create, revisit, engage, and share!

The focus of Term 2 has been thinking deeply on What it means to be an Artist?  

To begin the term we were preparing for the Art Exhibition that was held March 28-30th. The exhibition was a HUGE success, teaching the students what it means to be an artist. Together we went through the process of brainstorming, making, revising, and preparing for presentation.  It was more than evident that the students were pleasantly surprised when they saw the exhibition for the first time, realizing that their works of art could look so amazing when matted and hung from the wall.


After the exhibition students continued to deeply explore what it means to be an artist as they embraced a choice-based classroom broken into 5 different mediums: Collage, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and the Think Tank. Before starting a project students were asked to really consider the project they wanted to create, the materials needed, and the steps involved. They also became more involved in their own personal assessment by filling in a chart after each class period that shares what station they visit each day. This allows Ms. Jemina and the students to visually see what the students true interests are, while also pushing them to try new techniques that they have not yet explored.


Earth Week was a really fine time to explore new art making techniques that were all based on nature. We used sand and leaves to make texture drawing, prints, and clay plates. Students really enjoyed looking at how artists have made art with the earth and than trying it themselves!


May is managing to fly by too! To conclude the year students are being asked to reflect on what they have learned and put together all of the skills that they acquired this year to make a final project that they are truly passionate about. It will be interesting to see what they come up with at the End of the Term Celebration, see you there!

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