Swimming & Soccer

Welcome to Swimming/Soccer with Mr. Chairat, Ms. Bee and Ms Ping.


August2014 (32)

At Magic Years we offer swimming for ages 3 and above in our child-sized swimming pool and for ages 3 and below in our paddling pool. Swimming helps young children develop physically, mentally and emotionally and is a great opportunity for them to take risks and acquire an important life skill. With the supervision of an experienced instructor and the classroom teachers, the children learn to swim in a safe, fun and challenging environment.



In Soccer class, children develop an appreciation for playing sports and staying fit. Children engage in gross-motor activity essential for their healthy development.  Children learn to play as a member of a team and they also learn to play fair while improving their self-esteem. The children develop physical skills such as basic ball control, coordination, and balance while engaging in warm-up drills and core exercises. Children will also understand the importance of playing sports with the “right” attitude.


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