The Ultimate Laser Game

I went to laser tag. I had to wait until my team came. My team all came and went to go to the game. My team won the first game against 4 people. For the second game my team won against 18 people.
Time 11:00-11:59.

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Bay Ruamsuke
Bay Ruamsuke

3rd Grade student at Magic Years International School in Bangkok, Thailand.


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  • I would love to try laser tag! When you were inside what did it look like? I went to laser tag once and it had black lights and flashes, so it was very hard to tag someone.

  • Hi Bay, Laser tag was one of my favorite games when I was your age. Next to my house, there was a laser tag center. The vests were so heavy and so were the laser guns. Now that technology has gotten better, maybe the equipment is lighter. Is it? Let me know!

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