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Celebrating Unity & Diversity
Learning Through Field Trips

Celebrating Unity & Diversity

What are the best ways to create peace, unity and diversity in the world? – Mola

How do we convince people in the world to be more loving? – Rose

What does it take to get different people and cultures together to live in peace? 

How can we bring different cultures together to promote peace? – Notch

Can rules and systems help people to be united? – Archi

How can people stop fighting?  – JJ

How can we as students show peace and unity at school? – Tann

Does showing tolerance to others bring peace? – Rose

These are some of our wondering questions we had within our Grade 4-5 class community when we explored the meaning of unity and diversity this week. Our wonderings were then extended to developing our personal reflection on ‘What does peace, unity and diversity look like and feel like at home and at school?’.



It looks like staying in groups together. It feels like being caring to one another. We also will say nice things about each other. There will be no fighting. At home, I help my mom to do house chores and this makes a happy home.



At home, I enjoy having fun with my dad and mom, like making airplanes and cars. It also looks like being responsible. At school, unity looks like working together to do projects. And playing together when it is playground time.



It looks like having different people from all ages together at school and friendships are made to help to care for each other. It feels like working and playing together. It feels like more people accomplishing goals and everybody will get what they aim for. At home, it looks and feels like showing empathy with your family members.



It feels like having different individuals valuing each other regardless of skin colour, intellect, talent or age. At home, it feels like having more love than hate. At school, it looks like spreading love wherever it is needed.



It feels like having more love and quiet time at home. I show how much I love my mom through words and actions. At school, it looks like having respect and tolerance towards friends, teachers and school staff. Family is the best thing ever.



At school, it feels like we are sharing our class together. It looks like we believe in kindness and honesty. Peace at home is like having no one at home fighting and arguing. It feels like showing responsibility as a good son.



It looks like having students from different countries learning together. We also learn to cooperate and solve problems together. Another exciting thing to do is to make presentations at school. It feels like having support from our families every day at home. We also have diversity in our belief systems and all of these give us good family values.

Learning Through Field Trips

In line with our current unit of inquiry, Grade 4-5 community went on a field trip to a nearby mosque and Buddhist temple on Monday, 11th September 2017. Through this field trip, we developed a stronger awareness of different belief systems, practices and identity within our local community.

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Notch (Grade 5)

“We felt that the trip was pretty interesting. I also saw their old holy books called ‘Quran’ and prayer mats in the mosque. I discovered from two Muslim religious leaders (also known as ‘Imam’) that Muslim believers are called to pray five times a day and they will hear a prayer song called ‘azan’. After listening to them, I felt that their God is pretty amazing.”

Archi (Grade 5)

“The trip was really fun. We learned about how different believers pray to their God. They offer food to God and monks. They also believe in chanting and meditation to get away from the evil spirits. I am thankful to be part of the field trip with my teachers and now I learn how to be more respectful.”