How We Express Ourselves

Grade 1&2 is just about to dive in to a new unit titled “We express our ideas, imagination and emotion through our words and actions”. This unit will have a special focus on Language and is tied to a Reading/Writing unit from Teacher’s College called “From Scenes to Series”. 

Throughout this unit we will be looking a genre called Realistic Fiction, looking specifically at character traits. In Writing Workshop we will be writing our own realistic fiction stories, using our creativity and expression to create characters of our own!

what is realistic fiction

For today’s student blog, we will share our first experience tuning in to this unit by reflecting on the realistic fiction character Tacky from the book Tacky the Penguin. The following are reflections that were independently typed by students:

What are some things you learned about Tacky the Penguin?

Tacky is nais bkos he hawp he  farens. 

Tacky is sele and brav bcas he scard the wolf.

Some time Tacky is a nice odd penguin because he hulp all tha penguin. He use his own body to scare the hunters by prethanding he is not a  penguin.


New Vocabulary

As part of our tuning in process we introduced three new vocabulary words that will be referred to frequently throughout the unit:
Internal: About the inside of something
External: About the outside of something
Traits: Words that describe something (ie. character traits are words that describe a character)

We used these new key words to create an anchor chart about Tacky the Penguin. We wrote internal traits inside Tacky’s body and external traits all around him.


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