Nene’s First Read Aloud


When I was reading my color book to the little kids. I was trying to ask questions to them. They were shouting out a lot. I was trying to make them stop. But I couldn’ so I had to wait for them to stop. Mola and PoonPoon were helping me to ask questions.I know the kids liked the book. After I finished my book it was Poon Poon’s turn. His book is named Vehicles. On every page he asked the kids if they have vehicles at home. The kids enjoyed it a lot.I am happy to read to the kids. My brother is in the class. I am happy!

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Nene Suttichupaiboon
Nene Suttichupaiboon

3rd Grade student at Magic Years International School in Bangkok, Thailand.

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  • Wow! Some many people listening to you read! It is a difficult job trying to get the attention of a large group of students, so don’t give up on your presentation skills. I am sure your little brother was very proud to have you read in front of his class.

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