Reading in G1 and 2

Our Grade 1 and 2 students launched their Reading Workshop this month with a focus on “Building Good Reading Habits”. Here are some of the elements of a Reading Workshop that we have been practicing –

Shopping for Books
Ashwin: “When you are shopping for books you take your basket to the book area. For the level books you need to ask your teacher what level you need to shop like A, B, C, D”

Akki: “When I am shopping for a look book I open the book to see if I want it. I look at the pictures.”

Independent Reading

We find a quiet, private space to read all of our leveled books and look books. Sometimes we sit back-to-back with our partners during independent reading time. We show that we are strong readers by having stamina and reading for the whole time. If we have already read our books we build good habits by re-reading the same book. We put a check on a post-it in the back of the book for every time we read it.

Partner Reading

At partner reading time we have a great time looking at our books with our partner. We sit hip-to-hip with our partners and put the book in the middle. We read leveled books together or “echo read” our books. We show our partners our favorite page or a page that gave us a strong feeling, and practice having conversations about our books. When we read together, our books come alive and we notice details that we normally wouldn’t.

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