Archive - January 17, 2018

Who We Are Unit starting!

Who We Are Unit starting!

This week, Trust and Caring has started a new unit.  This unit is on the transdisciplinary theme “Who We Are’ with the central idea being, “We understand more about ourselves everyday”.

Students will be focusing on how they feel, what their attitudes are, and with whom they have relationships.  Through this focus, they are growing in independence, respect and cooperation.
Our main goals for this unit are to see children making choices on their own.  Children learn more when they are left to be independent to explore, test ideas, and try new things.  They feel successful when they are allowed to make the decisions they can easily make on their own: whether to eat, what to eat, feeding themselves, what to play, etc.
All of the children in Trust and Caring are of the age to be doing these things on their own.  Maybe they don’t all hold a spoon well, but they know how to feed themselves with their hands.  Maybe they don’t sit and play intimately with toys, but they are aware and thinking.
Some children in Trust and Caring would like to sit and watch others, this is part of their experience.  Some would like to test a few toys for throwing or eating.  Some are ready to build block towers and make icecreams from playdough.  All these things are fine and appropriate.  This is what we want to see, children making their own decisions and trying out autonomy and independence.
After all, it is what is in the best interest of the children.