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Talking  with your little person is so important. It’s one way for them to get to people, to understand the world and to learn the skill of taking turns when sharing information. As well as of course, developing their  abilities for communicating.

Recently Ms. Khanum shared an article with us called, Let’s Talk How parent-child communication from birth to age 3 sets the stage for lifelong success. This article clearly shares what language looks like at varying ages and how adults can help extend their little persons communication skills. You can read the full article here. You may also like to familiarise yourself with the MYIS Language policy which you can find here.

In our classroom we develop our communication skills in several ways, some of which you may be able to use at home;

  • Talking at meal times; this can be a really successful time for developing language as there are repetitive questions being asked each time and physical props such as plates and jugs of beverages to help convey meaning.
  • Singing songs; the Trust and Caring community especially loves actions songs and these are often great for developing understanding of concepts, for example when we sing ‘open, shut them’ we complete the corresponding action for each word.
  • Reading books and visiting our school library.
  • Talking to little people about what we see them doing, feeling and looking at.
  • Allowing time for our little people to give an answer. It may be helpful to remember that it could take some time for them to understand and formulate a response and while you wait you can use eye contact to communicate the expectation of a response.
  • Acknowledge all forms of communication; actions, facial expressions and behaviour are just some of the ways important communication happens without words.
  • Speaking calmly and respectfully and praising the efforts of our little people to communicate.


It’s also worth keeping in mind the words of, natural parenting expert, Peggy O’Mara;

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